We are a family owned and staffed bakery making over 24 different baked goods fresh weekly in our kitchen. If you have a special request, we’ll dust the flour off our hands and talk to you about it.
Whole wheat bread, french bread, jalapeno-cheddar loaves (pictured at left), sweet breads such as banana, peach, apple, and pumpkin. Then we also have cinnamon rolls, cookies, cakes and more are some of the goodies you will find at Peace Valley. We also carry sugar-free whole wheat bread- so good for you and totally delicious!
View our brochure at the bottom of this page for a list of items and pricing, or give us a call today with questions or to place an order!


Fresh, home grown produce is one of the special things you can find at our store. We plant, care for, and harvest our seasonal fruits and vegetables right here on our south Georgia soil.
We are conscious of the environment and the health of our family and our customers as we grow each item. Natural and responsible growing practices are employed.
Strawberries, Peaches, Yellow Squash, Zuccini, Onions, Peas and Butter Beans are a few of the items we raise. Please call for current fresh items available and keep up with what’s in season on our “News & Updates” page!

Bulk Food

We purchase many foods (baking supplies, candy, snacks, and spices, for example) in large quantities and repackage them here in our store. Buying in large quantities helps us to keep prices affordable, and packaging our own product as needed helps us to keep products fresh for you, our customers.
Rolled Oats, Dehydrated Fruit, Dark Chocolate Pieces, Hickory Smoke Salt, Stone Ground Grits, Trail Mixes, Minced Onion, Taco Seasoning and Peach Gelatin are just a few of the many products we offer on the shelves of our freshly packaged, in-store bulk food section.

Javataza™ Coffee

Javataza coffee is grown in the fog covered mountains of Costa Rica, Central America. The climate and elevation create the perfect environment for growing this special coffee. Natural growing methods are used to nurture, harvest and process the beans into a perfect cup of coffee. Beans are 100% Arabic.
We have a full selection of packaged whole bean and ground Javataza coffees and a self-serve bulk grinder station. We also keep a fresh pot brewing of the flavor-of-the-week. Stop by and enjoy a cup with us today!

Other Items & Shipping

We also carry a large variety of other food items and products in our store. Some of these choices include: local honey, Peachey’s jellies, jams and salsa, crackers, wheat, Troyer butter, cold drinks, soft-serve ice cream, cookbooks, vitamins and health supplements, Rada™ cutlery, wall plaques and mottos, quilts and other crafts.
If you discover something in our store that you would love to purchase but cannot visit due to distance or other circumstance, please call us! We gladly package and ship most items we carry.
We will be glad to answer any questions and estimate your shipping costs. (229) 758-2880